Let's keep this short and simple...well I will try to anyways.
I am a city gal, born and raised in the concrete jungle, NYC.  So if you ever bring me NY pizza - your session is free. SERIOUSLY. 
i am partial to music, dancing, wine, and good vibes. i'm extremely personable, extroverted, fun, and warm. i am a sucker for art - in all aspects. let me explain that a bit...


Hey all!


I gravitate towards the art of emotion. How easily people can express emotive chemistry without saying a word. the way they express LOVE without a sound to their motive. i love to showcase art that speaks to my soul, shows who i am as a person but most of all - showcases the raw, real, and most vulnerable state of someones truth. that is art. i want to always showcase the most authentic art.

I am an Artist

She is the reason I strive to be the best version of myself. We only get one life to live fully,  and I want to make sure I can show her all the beautiful things in this crazy world.

these amazing photos were taken by Tiffany with @WILDATHEARTPHOTOGRAPHS. 

the reason I do what I do

My Why

Number of years I've spent doing what I love and documenting your stories


Number of times i say f**k in 30 minutes when i shoot a couples session


Number of out of state locations i have slotted for 2024


Average number of hours spent staring at my computer each week - I have a fulltime job in the financial industry besides photography


Number of fur babies that i have  - 2 cats & my pup


Random facts about yours truly

- Kortney


Destiny is WONDERFUL!! She made us laugh! She was compassionate! She was chill and patient! She is every person/family’s dream of what a photographer should be!! I will recommend her to anyone in the WORLD to make it a point to travel to her! Or book with her!! It is SO WORTH IT.